Understanding The EBB Plan For Your Internet Service


You may have heard of the EBB plan for internet and phone services. This is a nationwide program that can help you with your home internet plan costs during times of unemployment or low income. If you are on SNAP benefits, also known as food stamps or EBT, or you are on Medicaid or have a child on disability, you may qualify. Here are some things you should know about this program and how it can possibly help you or a loved one in need. 

Internet Discount

The Emergency Broadband Benefit is a program that helps people with low income or who are on unemployment maintain an internet connection. The benefit provides a discount on internet services that can reach a limit of $50. Once you apply for the program and are approved, you choose your internet service provider from a list. Your EBB application will be sent to your home internet plan provider and the discount will be applied. This discount lasts as long as the EBB benefit is available. 

Proof of Need

You will be required to prove you are unemployed, on SNAP benefit, or on a Medicaid benefit. This proof consists of your social security number, address, and which benefit you have. You may be asked to email or upload an image of your snap benefit card, Medicaid card, or other information depending on your situation. Once this proof is uploaded, your application will be moved through the process towards approval. 

One Per Household

The key to remember with the EBB program is that you may only have one applied EBB discount per household. This means that if you choose to have it used toward your current internet home plan, you will not be able to use it on your cellular phone or the data on that cellular phone. You also will not be able to have it applied to a hotspot or other similar device. This means you should carefully choose how you can benefit from the EBB and where you want it applied. 

When you are ready to sign up for the EBB program, you can visit their website. The application process is online and walks you through the steps from qualifying for the program to signing up and having the program applied to your current internet service provider. If you are concerned about your internet service provider offering an EBB service, contact them directly about their home internet plans and how EBB can be applied. Reach out to a local internet service provider to learn more.


11 November 2021

Don't Be Afraid to Change Your Internet Package

I recently switched my internet service provider. Once I switched, I was very happy with the speed and service. The internet moved so fast for me that I was on it playing games and messaging friends a lot more than usual. What I forgot was that I chose my internet package based on my past monthly use of the internet, which was low simply because our old service was so slow I didn't like using it much. I chose a package that was limited, and I realized my mistake when I used up all my plan data in just two weeks. Thankfully, my new provider allowed me to switch to unlimited mid-month. I created this blog to remind others to always keep an eye on their internet usage if on a restricted plan and call your provider if you need to change it.