4 Situations Where You Need High-Speed Internet


Feel like your current Internet service provider is a bit too slow? That may be because you are not getting the fast speeds that you need to get things done. Here are a few situations where you can benefit from high-speed Internet. 

Live Streaming

Have you been getting into live streaming as a way to make additional income? Your followers are likely expecting high-quality video as part of your stream. The only way that is possible is if you have an Internet service provider with fast upload speeds. Not only does this let you send video at a higher bitrate, but will prevent there from being a big lag in your feed. You'll be able to communicate better with viewers in your chat room since your video feed will be closer to real-time.

Cloud Storage Backups

Do you perform large data backups to the cloud? This could be due to working from home and needing to make sure that your server for work is up to date and in sync with everyone else, or simply trying to backup your personal data. If your estimated time to get in sync is measured in days rather than hours, it's possible that you need a high-speed Internet provider that can keep up with your demand.

Digital Gaming

Many video game consoles are switching over to digital downloads for new releases. With graphics getting better than ever, it is not uncommon to see new games with sizes that are easily over 100GB. As you shuffle things on and off the console's internal hard drive, you'll find that you have to redownload all of the data to play a game again. With slow Internet speeds, this process can take days to complete, and you may no longer be interested in playing that game since the moment has passed. High-speed Internet will allow you to download data quickly.

Working And Learning From Home

It's possible that you have plenty of people in your household that are trying to work and learn from home all at the same time. This can cause a lot of congestion on your download and upload bandwidth as everyone is on video conferences or downloading files during the day. An increase in speed is going to give you more bandwidth so that nobody feels as if their Internet connection is slowing down to a crawl and they cannot get work done.

To learn more, reach out to a high-speed Internet provider.


6 November 2020

Don't Be Afraid to Change Your Internet Package

I recently switched my internet service provider. Once I switched, I was very happy with the speed and service. The internet moved so fast for me that I was on it playing games and messaging friends a lot more than usual. What I forgot was that I chose my internet package based on my past monthly use of the internet, which was low simply because our old service was so slow I didn't like using it much. I chose a package that was limited, and I realized my mistake when I used up all my plan data in just two weeks. Thankfully, my new provider allowed me to switch to unlimited mid-month. I created this blog to remind others to always keep an eye on their internet usage if on a restricted plan and call your provider if you need to change it.