5 Network Vulnerability Assessment Mistakes That Businesses Make


Most modern businesses use computer networks to share data. Whether it's customer records, stock inventory information or internal analytics, even small businesses can now share large volumes of data. To protect your customers and your reputation, it's vital that your network is secure, and a vulnerability assessment is an effective way to find potential weaknesses. If you're about to conduct a new vulnerability assessment, make sure you get the right outcome from the process, and avoid the five following mistakes that can occur.

23 June 2015

Is Your Online Business Growing Exponentially? 3 Ways To Keep Up


An increase in business and website traffic is the dream of every online business. However, with growth comes new concerns, such as security and keeping up with the increased responsibility of an online business. There are ways your fledgling business can meet the demands and soar to new heights. Step Away From Shared Hosting Shared hosting plans are an excellent and economical choice during the early phase of your business. However, you may have reached the point where even unlimited shared hosting plans are not adequate.

26 February 2015