3 Ways To Get Your Home Ready For A Faster Internet Plan


Living in a home with a slow Internet connection can make it challenging to understand what you can do with faster speeds on the devices that you use at home. But, when you know that faster Internet options are available, you may want to make the switch to an improved connection. Investing some time and effort into preparing your home for faster speeds is an excellent idea.

Wireless Router

Analyzing your wireless router is important because you may not be able to make use of the improved speeds if you have an old model with limited capabilities. If you intend on getting a plan with download and upload speeds of 100 Mbps or faster, you should make sure that you are using a router with the ability to send these speeds out to all the devices inside your home.

If you live in a small home, you should not worry about the strength of your wireless connection from one end to the other because most routers have decent coverage. But, while living in a large home, you will need to pay attention to the maximum coverage to determine whether it will be necessary to pick up wireless extenders that can expand the connection throughout your home.

Wireless Adapters

Along with using a wireless router and wireless extenders if they are necessary, you should consider picking up wireless adapters for some of the devices in your home. A great example is desktop computers that are not going to be anywhere close to your modem and router. This is another situation in which you want to pick up adapters that can handle your new speeds.

Streaming Quality

Depending on your connection, you may be used to streaming movies, shows, and videos in low resolution. When you attempt to stream at a higher resolution, you may notice the Internet slowing down for your other programs as well as everyone's connection in the house. After getting the new Internet set up, you should feel confident increasing the resolution.

This means that you should be able to watch 1080p, 1440p, and 4k resolution videos on multiple devices without worrying about lengthy buffering times or running out of bandwidth.

Upgrading your Internet is something that can have a positive impact on a variety of tasks such as working at home, being entertained, and ordering items online. If you want to feel confident that you are ready for a faster Internet connection, you should follow these steps. For more information, reach out to internet providers in your area.


3 July 2019

Don't Be Afraid to Change Your Internet Package

I recently switched my internet service provider. Once I switched, I was very happy with the speed and service. The internet moved so fast for me that I was on it playing games and messaging friends a lot more than usual. What I forgot was that I chose my internet package based on my past monthly use of the internet, which was low simply because our old service was so slow I didn't like using it much. I chose a package that was limited, and I realized my mistake when I used up all my plan data in just two weeks. Thankfully, my new provider allowed me to switch to unlimited mid-month. I created this blog to remind others to always keep an eye on their internet usage if on a restricted plan and call your provider if you need to change it.